Vote for the 2017 Trailblazer!

The 2017 Trailblazer Award recognizes an exceptional individual who has gone above and beyond to care for a person with intellectual or developmental disabilities. As we aim to raise awareness for the growing caregiver shortage in Florida, we want to spotlight the amazing people who provide quality care for our state’s most valuable citizens, and recognize the steps they are taking to forge the path for Florida.

We received numerous nominations for extraordinary individuals, and now it’s time to VOTE! Vote once per day until March 20, and the winner will be announced via our live Facebook video on March 21, Developmental Disability Awareness Day. The winning caregiver will be awarded a prize pack from National State Parks! Help us continue to take #StepsForFL


How do you vote? Follow these simple steps:

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2017 Trailblazer Nominees

Vote for Pamela D’Amelio

Pamela D’Amelio

Pamela has an 8-year-old non-verbal autistic son. She has put her career on hold to homeschool her son. Pamela and her son love being involved in the community, and passes to Florida State Parks would mean the world to them both.

Vote for Marc Mero

Marc Mero

Marc is an inspiring and fun-loving person. He is able to relate to kids and help them find hope. He actively speaks out against bullying and teen suicide. He makes a difference in the community on a daily basis!

Vote for Jade-Nicole Dryburgh

Jade-Nicole Dryburgh

Jade works in home healthcare with the elderly. She gives 110% to make sure the seniors are comfortable and cares for them with her entire heart. Additionally, on her own time and without pay, she provides a listening ear to an elderly veteran in the evenings. She does all of this and raises two teenagers!

Vote for Roz Hudson

Roz Hudson

Roz has provided care to many members of the community as well has her parents. When her sister-in-law became ill, Roz took on the role of a full time health provider for her, helping her relearn how to eat, speak, write, and walk. After her sister-in-law passed away, Roz stepped up and provided her niece and nephew with the motherly love and comfort that they needed!

Vote for Dawn Williams

Dawn Williams

Dawn is a single mother living with her own disabilities while taking care of her forty-year-old son who suffers from seizures and severe retardation. She gives her son her all, and she wants nothing but the world for him!

Vote for Carol Reinker Gruber

Carol Reinker Gruber

Carol has spent most of her adult life caring for others. She cared for her grandmother, mother and father while they were ill, and she has raised three children with Asperger’s. She now works in the nursery at her church and cares for her granddaughter full time!

Vote for Jeanne Adinolfi

Jeanne Adinolfi

Jeanne is more than a single mother, but a hero to her six children. One of her children has non-verbal Autism and Epilepsy, and another child of hers has Epidermolysis Bullosa, a genetic skin disorder. She works two jobs, and she does everything she can to provide support and love to her children!

Vote for Brooke Alduino

Brooke Alduino

Brooke works at the Brevard Achievement Center to provide service for the vocational and social needs of adults with disabilities. She helped a deaf client get hearing aids when she noticed him reacting to sounds, and set up an appointment with an audiologist. Brooke is extremely attentive and caring towards those she serves.

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